Round Robin

Round robin routing evenly distributes inbound support or sales calls among agents and gives them a recovery period to finish their tasks before receiving another call.

Call Recording

Having full visibility into your calls can improve business performance.

Auto Attendants

Direct your calls to an appropriate person or department based on the caller’s input to menu options

Mobile App

Get away from your desk and work from anywhere! SMS available too.


Who needs a clunky fax machine? Receive all your faxes digitally.

Inter Office Chat

Stay in constant contact with members of your team easily.

Device Options

Buy or lease phones

or… if you already have phones, we can use them too!

*compatible with most Yealink and Polycom phones

Each staff member gains access to Boomea, a business-driven chat application, available across multiple platforms, built from the ground up with unified communication in mind.

Available on Android, iOS and Windows